What is PPH?

Postpartum hemorrhaging (also called PPH) is a devastating but preventable condition affecting mothers and their children across the globe.

PPH occurs when a mother has serious bleeding after giving birth. When not treated quickly, PPH can be fatal. Fortunately, PPH is a preventable cause of death when treated by a trained team using the right tools.

At SaveMothers.org, we are dedicated to raising awareness of PPH's impact, sharing industry-leading solutions, and creating a more educated and equipped healthcare community to better solve problems posed by PPH.

Every second counts.

Across the developing world, a woman dies every two minutes from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. By donating and becoming part of our community, you can help stop preventable deaths and keep mothers together with their children.

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Reducing PPH

Every year, more than 14 million cases of obstetric hemorrhage occur, resulting in an estimated 127,000 deaths, as per the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates. Even though the majority of these deaths come from developing countries, middle-income and high-income countries also face serious challenges due to PPH. 


PPH is the leading cause of maternal deaths in low-income countries. It is also the primary cause of approximately one-quarter of global maternal deaths. The vast majority of these deaths occur in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Recent studies have shown increased incidences of PPH in developed countries as well. 

Why a standardized approach to PPH treatment?

Scientific rec. by WHO & FIGO

New innovations in PPH Care

Planning and implementing a PPH Program


Reduce PPH


FIGO and ICM launch joint statements of recommendation for the prevention and treatment of PPH

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Country Experiences: Niger

Niger's Ministry of Health launched its Initiative to Prevent Women from Bleeding to Death at Childbirth using proven, low-tech, low-cost, new technologies combined in an innovat...

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Country Experiences: India

The project “Management of PPH using Bundle approach, a comprehensive approach using non-clinical and clinical components together with special reference to ESM UBT and NASG,” was...

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At SaveMothers.org, we understand the power of the stories we help create. For every donation, supporter, and contributor to our organization, there is a mother, child, family, or community that has seen the immediate, life-changing benefits of the solutions we support.


We strive to share these stories with each other and the world as much as possible. There is no greater motivator than hearing exactly how all of our contributions have led to a different course of life for someone else. Please take a look through just some of the amazing results created by the solutions we support.





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Statement on uterine balloon tamponade in Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH)

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Country Experiences: Nigeria

Commencing in 2014, the Federal Government of Nigeria, the three State Governments of Kaduna, Kano and Katsina, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) and the Clin...

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