ESM-UBT Saves a Woman’s Life in Nyamira County

Everlyne Nyasuguta and her husband (on the right) with their newborn during the Beyond Zero Campaign in Nyamira County, where she gave a testimony for the lifesaving UBT kit.

On November 8, 2015 Everlyne Nyasuguta began to experience stomach contractions and immediately knew she was in labor.

It did not come as a surprise for the 29 year old who had three previous deliveries. She waited until six in the morning to go to the Nyamusi Sub district Hospital in rural Nyamira County. “I stayed in labor for hours, 11 a.m. came and passed…I waited until 5 p.m but I was told I couldn’t deliver yet,” recounts Everlyne.

At around 8 p.m., the nurse who had attended to her earlier that morning came in for the night shift.  He mentioned the baby distressed and Everlyne was not in a position to ‘push’ hard enough for the baby to be delivered. Benard Kilosi, the nursing officer said he induced Everlyne and after a while, she delivered a beautiful baby boy. Then, all the sudden, he realized something was not right. “I realized the mother’s placenta was difficult to deliver, I tried to remove it but she was bleeding profusely. Finally, the placenta came out, but she continued losing blood,” he explains.

Mr. Kilosi went through all the medical protocols that are the norm to manage such cases, but the blood did not stop gushing out. He narrates: “I had put the patient on normal saline, gave her up to forty doses of syntocinon,  but she did not improve much.  I was afraid I would lose the patient.”

Although Everlyne was at times unconscious, she recounts that she could still hear the nursing officer issuing instructions. “I heard him order for a balloon. They brought it and he told me he was going to insert it in my womb and that it may stop the bleeding,” recalls Everlyne. Mr. Kilosi, with the help of other support staff, managed to place the balloon in the mother’s uterus and immediately the bleeding stopped. Everlyne lost 700 milliliters of blood. She was clinically pale and had gone into shock. If the bleeding continued they could have lost her, he explains.

“This mother is  proof that the ESM-UBT kit can save lives. It is a simple, but very effective method to control PPH,” concludes Mr. Kilosi, a first time user of the ESM-UBT kit.

To learn more view this interview with Everlyne and and Mr. Kilosi:

Provided by: KMET