Aims of partnerships

Reduce Preventable Deaths

Mothers and their families across the world are subject to tragedies when they do not need to be. PPH, while dangerous, is preventable through proper resources and training.

By unifying our collective resources, be it content, connections, or donations, we help lower the number of deaths caused by PPH in a very direct way.

Share Life-Saving Knowledge

One of the most valuable aspects of our partners network is the shared wealth of knowledge. We are made up of medical, academic, healthcare, and caregiving professionals from around the world, all of who have their own extensive experiences with PPH and its serious consequences.

By joining the partners network, you gain access and connection to these professionals and their knowledge. Our partners are able to share their own content with our partner network, and access documents, training guides, instruction manuals, whitepapers, and so much more from their respective partners.

Join our network today to start accessing the kinds of knowledge that has been helping save lives across the world.

Connect, Expand, Grow Solutions

Our partner network is linked not just by association, but by our singular goal: stop preventable deaths caused by PPH around the world.

By connecting through our partners network, we are helping grow the collective force driving solutions into the countries that need aid the most. We are so much more than a donation driving entity. We are individuals — mothers, daughters, fathers, sons — coming together to help people prevent tragedies from befalling their families.

The solution to PPH is not singular. It is multifaceted, complex, and can only be implemented over a long period of time. We recognize that, and are exploring every viable avenue that can make immediate and longterm improvements to the healthcare resources in countries where PPH destroys communities. By connecting and expanding our network, we grow the stockpile of solutions available for delivery to those in need.