PPH Emergency Care Using a Bundle Approach training programme

This highly interactive course, available free of charge, comprises clinical and non-clinical elements. It is designed to be completed over three days in-person or via a virtual, hybrid approach.  

Access the training free of charge.  

The course is designed to improve the quality of PPH emergency care at facilities that perform deliveries. Its ultimate goal is to strengthen the PPH emergency response, to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. Integral to the approach is the understanding that strengthening a clinical response requires more than clinical skills. It also requires: 

  • continued practice of the emergency response as a team 
  • availability and accessibility of necessary supplies 
  • communication between providers, patients and families 
  • communication across healthcare networks 
  • leadership 
  • commitment to quality improvement. 

The course addresses clinical and non-clinical elements –each essential to improving PPH emergency care. 

The training design incorporates simulation as a central teaching tool to reinforce core concepts and skills. Additional training methods include interactive didactic sessions, small group work, case studies, and activities that help participants thoughtfully engage with the material. It presents practical toolkits, too, to help participants think about how to improve PPH emergency care in their facilities and across healthcare networks. 

Other materials in the package include: 

  • a trainer’s manual 
  • slide presentations 
  • videos 
  • checklists 
  • pocket cards 
  • handouts 
  • resource guides. 

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the training has also been adapted to a virtual hybrid approach, to include training materials accessible on an interactive virtual training platform, live virtual sessions with master trainers for review of concepts, group discussion and activities and hands-on skills sessions, and simulations facilitated by in-country trainers in accordance with local public health guidelines.  

Clinical modules 

The clinical training is geared toward healthcare providers directly managing PPH cases in their health facilities. This clinical training focuses on critical non-surgical components of emergency response to PPH. The goal is to control bleeding as soon as possible, minimising blood loss and the need for advanced care such as surgery, blood transfusions or transfer to an intensive care unit. 

Non-clinical training 

The non-clinical training highlights health system strengthening components that support a PPH emergency response and enhance programme implementation. These sessions are targeted toward individuals who lead and oversee the implementation of programs at facility and healthcare network levels – whether they are clinicians, facility champions, managers, quality officers, government-level supervisors, or facilitators/coaches. Participants joining the non-clinical training would benefit from attending PPH Emergency Response training to be fully oriented to the clinical approach. 

The non-clinical modules help improve adherence to recommended clinical interventions and enhance sustainable programme implementation.  

Access the training free of charge.